Founding Story

As kids, we all thought we’d make it. We all thought that we’d be one of the greats, that we’d be the one with the ball in our hand as the clock was winding down, that we’d be the hero.
We were going to hit game-winners, silence The Garden, get ourselves some championship rings and probably get a shoe deal, too.
Then at some point, reality hit, and we had to keep it real with ourselves.
But that love of the game never went away. In fact, it only grew stronger. As fans, we followed everything that had anything to do with basketball. We kept track of trades, stats and standings and amassed an impressive amount of (almost) useless basketball knowledge and trivia.
We won fantasy leagues, built video game dynasties and continued living the game, but from a distance.
Most of us won’t ever be lights out from the logo or be 7’0’’ with a 40-inch vert or be able to buy our favorite team. Pro sports will always be gated (and for good reason), but web3 is bringing down some of those walls and breaking barriers. The next generation of sports gaming will be more accessible and engaging than ever.
We know that “metaverse” is a loaded word. We get it. Right now, it means different things to different people because no one really knows what it means. But we believe the "metaverse" is a place where we can all keep our hoop dreams alive, where we can still be the hero of our own story and own a piece of something we’re passionate about.
That’s why we founded the Virtual Basketball Association (VBA), a basketball experience that puts you in the front office and empowers you to own the entire journey.
This is ball on the blockchain. Come create, compete and shape the future of the VBA alongside a community that’s committed to the game, both here and in real life.
The game’s in your hands now.