The Playbook (Roadmap)
In the VBA League Office, we plan to work in tandem with our GM community to build the VBA into a fun and competitive experience for everyone involved. Throughout the process, we will create not just a game, but a full ecosystem deserving of being the basketball league of the metaverse.
Our initial playbook (or roadmap) is made up of three phases. These ideas are exploratory and we plan to work as a team with our community to try new things, learn and improve the experience.
Phase I: Game Building
Phase II: Ecosystem Building
Phase III: Metaverse Building
While each phase will have a primary focus, we plan to maintain flexibility and will shift focus if we identity more valuable development opportunities for the VBA community.

season0 (playable game alpha) is focused on building the game.
This is an exploratory period where our GMs will play a critical role in helping shape the direction for what the VBA becomes long term. We know everything moves extremely fast in Web3 and are committed to being agile in how we adapt and grow.
Our initial game will consist of assembling teams of VBA players to enter various contests for rewards.
As we continue to develop, we are excited to try new things that could enhance the gameplay, including but not limited to - paid entry contests, championship tournaments and brand partnerships.

After the core game and rule set is established, we will continue expanding and building out the rest of the VBA ecosystem.
As part of ecosystem expansion, we’ll explore transforming your team into a franchise by adding new assets like courts, coaches, trainers, etc. We will also explore options to improve your players through scouting, training, progression/regression/retirement, and much more. In addition to features that enhance the gameplay, we’ll also start trying things like introducing storylines and media to continue to expand the VBA experience for everyone.

As we expand our ecosystem, we also plan to entrench ourselves into culture at large through the VBA metaverse.
During this phase we plan to expand the VBA as a global brand that reaches millions of people. We want to establish ourselves not just as a game, but a massive, global community of basketball lovers, innovators and change makers.
The phases above highlight our current high-level thoughts around prioritization and product development.
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Phase I: Game Building
Phase II: Ecosystem Building
Phase III: Metaverse Building