Player Packs
Note: Before you buy a VBA season0 player pack, review this guide and check the number of “Player Redemptions” that remain on the blockchain. Marketplaces have inaccurate metadata because they cache it for days at a time and the only source of truth is the blockchain.
VBA season0 player packs are NFTs that contain 7 unique player NFTs. Pack holders are able to open their packs and reveal these Player NFTs, or keep them unrevealed. Whether players in packs are revealed or not, pack holders are still able to trade packs. To open a pack, holders can go to our site.
In addition to pack number, each pack has the following traits:
  • Player Redemptions (0-7)
  • Color (Red, Blue, Teal)
  • Float (Between 0 and 1)

Each time a pack is opened, and a player is revealed, the “Player Redemptions” metadata will decrease by one. All packs start with a “Player Redemptions” count of 7 and will hit 0 once all the players are redeemed.

You may notice that packs come in three different colors: blue (95%), red (4%), and teal (1%) and have different float numbers (between 0 and 1) as traits. Despite these different values, ALL packs will have the same probability of producing different rarity players!

Lastly, we will only mint 3,672 season0 player packs, which will contain a grand total of 28,000 players. We released 1,672 packs at the end of March, and will announce more information on the remaining players at a later time.

VBA season0 packs are the only packs that won't be burned when all the players are revealed. We’re working on something for our early supporters, so make sure you hold on to them!
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