Prospects were designed with the New GM in mind.
Prospect Players are off-chain, non-storable, and temporary players that every new GM will be given upon sign-up and will last for the duration of one season.
Our Prospect Players mimic the structure of our NFT Players. Like their NFT counterparts, these players will have a Preferred Position, Play Style, and Player Skills.

Preferred Position

Each Prospect will have a preferred position(s) that is a combination of PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. They may have one, two, or up to three preferred positions. A Player’s Preferred Position determines where they will perform the best on court.

Play Style

VBA Players have one of 15 different Play Styles modeled after different basketball players. Some might be stronger at offense, others at defense, and others at playmaking or rebounding.
As of now, there are no Prospects that are Stretch Bigs, Shooting Playmakers or Point Forwards.

Player Skills

Each Player will have a set of skills that defines them as players and impacts their performance on the court. These skills include offensive, defensive, physical, and mental characteristics such as passing, stealing, athleticism, and vision. This information can only be uncovered by playing them in games!
Prospects will, on average, fall below Underdog NFT Players when it comes to on-court performance.

Player Synergies

When setting your lineup, please be aware of player synergies. For example, when playing more interior defenders, you'll be better able to stop your opponent from scoring inside. In order to activate it, you need to play one Versatile Forward with one Rim Protector. This will cause the other team to struggle more scoring inside the paint and cause them to shoot more three pointers.

DIMES Eligibility

A team of all Prospects can play in weekly leagues with NFT players but will be required to have at least one NFT Player in their lineups to begin earning DIMES. DIMES payouts will be directly proportional to the amount of NFTs used. For example, if you play 1 NFT Player and 4 Prospect Players every game, you will receive 1/5th of the expected DIMES earned based on your league and finish order.