Game Modes
Season0 will have two primary game modes:
  • Franchise Mode
  • Arcade Mode (under development, Cash Prize Contests now live)

In Franchise Mode, VBA GMs will climb a seasonal ladder, competing against other GMs in recurring competitions to become the best team in the VBA.
season0 will serve as the foundation for this mode, and will start with a format where GMs will enter teams of 5 players in weekly round robins for DIMES (our off-chain, in-game currency).

In Arcade Mode, VBA GMs will be able to enter in a variety of competitions (starting with paid entry) that have different rules and rewards. Paid entry competitions, called Cash Prize Contests, are now live. They bring the same game and mechanics as Franchise mode, but allow GMs to put more on the line, and potentially earn greater rewards.
There will eventually be a wide range of competitions that provide GMs with an opportunity to flex their legendaries and compete with only underdogs. More will come in the coming months.
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